Transatlantic Airwaves …… E.P coming soon !

Long-time friends James and Mark have played music together one way or another for over 15 years. The songs started to come together 7 or 8 years ago. They were both playing in various bands but wanted to play music they listened to and loved. A few jams between the 2 of them went by and they foundations were laid, however this project was then put on hold when Mark joined Failsafe for Tomorrow; a band James was playing in at the time who were looking for a new guitarist. Years went by and the songs were almostforgotten about. FFT eventually went their separate ways but of course James and Mark never lost contact, feeling the need to write music again, dug up the demos that were recorded years ago. The only thing now was the distance between them as Mark now lives and works in China, James back in the UK. Thanks to modern technology and the internet they started sending new demos backwards and forwards to create their first EP together. Transatlantic Airwaves is fast paced punk rock music from the heart. Taking influences from the early Fat-Wreck chords days to modern day punk rock it’s got everything.

Coming February 2016 !