DR#17 – Day Of The Fight – Modern Rock Hall Of Fame – OUT NOW !

I am over the moon to announce that the digital release of the legendary Day Of The Fight album ‘Modern Rock Hall Of Fame‘ is now available for download / streaming  !

I lived on the isle of wight in the early 00’s  when the scene down there was in full effect and  I just fell in love with the whole south coast punk community., Where I grew up there was nothing at all like it , I didn’t even know there was such a thing as DIY punk scene !
Anyway I got to know Steve (Drummer) through a friend and he gave me a demo they had recorded (They were called Milhouse back then) and I thought it was brilliant and became a fan from there, I must of seen them about 25 times or so in my time down there before I moved again , but I have kept in touch with Steve through facebook and I was delighted when I spoke to him about me re-releasing the album and he got back to me saying that the guys said it was ok for me to do so .

Day of the Fight were a four piece rock band playing a brand of music that they liked to call “heart on sleeves South Coast rock”.
In more definitive terms this is a fusion of the melodic punk of bands such as No Motiv with the radio rock of Samiam and the niceness of Beezewax all driven along by a sense of friendship, DIY, and respect that the South Coast is associated with.

You can buy / Stream Day Of The Fight – Modern Rock Hall Of Fame on our Bandcamp Page


Steve and some of the other guys are playing together again in their new band – The Stayawakes